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1 TO 1

1 TO 1 sessions offer you the chance to receive individual coaching from one of our specialised coaches.The sessions allow your child to experience coaching that is specific to their needs. 1 TO 1 coaching offers you flexible coaching that is organised around you and your availability.







Visionary Sports Academy Development Model

T E C H N I C A L 


Technical aspects of performance refer mainly to the proficiency with which athletes can execute fundamental skills required by their specialist sport.

1 TO 1 sessions focuses heavily on improving the individuals technical ability. The use of technical based coaching allows children to develop their confidence in carrying out their sport specific skills. 


D A N  


Sport: Football


Coaching Experience

Coach Dan graduated from Oxford Brookes University as the highest performing student with a 1st class degree in BSc Sports, Coaching and Physical Education. He is UEFA B qualified and has accumulated over 10 years of coaching experience working with all ages and abilities. Dan currently holds the position of Head Coach at Horley Town FC. 

Session Plan

All sessions will start with a ball mastery warm up, focusing on improving the players ability to manipulate and control the ball with different parts of the feet. From there the session will focus on the individual needs of the player (E.g. improving their technical skills, position specific understanding, conditioning etc). All of the sessions have a heavy focus on improving the individuals technical ability with an attention to detail and at an intensity that is realistic to the game. The session will finish with a number of competitive challenges to test the players skill/ understanding. 


Rate (per hour): £50 (up to 2 players) or 3 player session £60


To make an enquiry or book

one of our coaches now, email:


Sport(s): Football and Cricket

Coaching Experience

Coach Seb has an extensive coaching background, with Level 2 qualifications in Football, Rugby and Cricket. Sebastian is currently the Head of Football at ACS International School in Cobham and a Rugby Coach at Reigate Grammar School. He has experience in working with children aged 5-18 ranging from beginners to elite sports level.

Session Plan

Football 1 to 1's are based entirely on the needs of the child. Sessions will often focus on improving technical ability before working on the tactical and physical elements of the game. Activities are set up to replicate the intensity of matches with lots of repetition to build muscle memory. Sessions will finish with a recap and highlight further work-ons for development.


Cricket 1 to 1's are also based entirely around the needs of the child and their game. Sessions can be focused on batting, bowling or fielding (including wicket keeping), that provide an environment to develop the fundamental skills and techniques. Tactical elements can also be discussed to ensure a well rounded understanding of the game. Practices can vary from isolated technical work to scene setting with appropriate restrictions in place to test a child's skills in a more match like environment.

Rate (per hour): £40 (up to 2 players) or 3 player session £50


To make an enquiry or book

one of our coaches now, email:

C O N N O R 

Sport: Football (GK coach)

Coaching Experience

Connor as a GK growing up spent a considerable amount of time at professional clubs Chelsea, Fulham and Crystal Palace. Since then he has acquired his FA level 2 coaching badge and has gained a vast amount of experience working with children of all ages and abilities. Connor has been a valued member of the VSA team since 2018 and specialises in GK training.  

Session Plan

In my sessions we cover everything a goalkeeper needs in order to play in the modern game. Every aspect of the session is realistic and relates to the game. All sessions will begin with technical work, lots of handling repetition and basic technique before progressing onto other specifics such as shot stopping, crossing, kicking etc. Each session is tailored to the specific needs of the goal keeper and aims to ensure fun is at the forefront of the whole practise. 

Rate (per hour): £24 or 2 player session £30


To make an enquiry or book

one of our coaches now, email:

H A R R Y 


Sport(s): Cricket and Football

Coaching Experience

Harry is an FA level 2 qualified coach with more than 7 years of coaching experience in football and cricket. In 2015 he graduated from Brighton University with a BSc degree in Sports Coaching. Harry joined the Visionary Sports Academy team in 2017 and has become a valued member since.

Session Plan


Sessions will begin with a warm up related to the focus of the session, with each session being catered to the individual needs of the player. All sessions will aim to improve their relevant technical skills (bowling, batting and fielding) with basic and more in-depth coaching available. The session will finish with a number of game related challenges that aim to test the players skill and understanding. 


All football sessions will begin with a ball mastery warm up with a strong focus on ball control and using different parts of the feet. From there the session will progress to be specific to the player and their individual needs (e.g. their technical skills, positional understanding and conditioning). The session will go on to finish with a number of challenges that aim to test the players skill and understanding.

Rate (per hour): £24 (up to 2 players) or 3 player session £30


To make an enquiry or book

one of our coaches now, email:

To make an enquiry or book one of our coaches now, email:

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