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Visionary Sports Academy (VSA) was established in 2014 to provide a high quality, professional coaching service to 

all - irrespective of experience or ability. 


We offer a wide range of sports coaching services for the ages of 3-21 across Surrey and other various locations throughout the UK. Our coaching sessions are derived from VSA’s specialised coaching philosophy and unique player development model. This allows for a consistent, high quality approach to developing youth in sport.

At VSA all of our coaches are NGB qualified in their respective sports, DBS checked and rigorously tested against our specific coaching profile. We also take it upon ourselves to further develop our coaches through extra-curricular courses and our peer development program. This contributes to maintaining a high level of coaching quality.



At VSA, we put our coaching philosophy at the forefront of everything we do, prioritising individual development before the importance of winning.


A large emphasis is placed on the environment we create. We ensure every session looks to replicate the intensity of a real game, but is played with a smile and without the fear of failure.


Everything we do at VSA is development focused. With an age specific curriculum, our philosophy looks at developing each individual from a technical, physical, psychological and social point of view (see Development Model). We believe this approach allows students to strive forward as well rounded individuals. 


Within every session there is a code of conduct to adhere to. This allows the coach to outline what they expect from the children and what they, in return, can expect from them.


At VSA we aim to instill compassion, appreciation, respect and dedication into all of our students. These values represent the core of what VSA is based on. 


The development of athletic talent is a long-term process. Through the athlete development cycle, an athlete progresses to the highest level of his or her ability based on a well-designed plan that allows for long-term improvements.

At Visionary Sports Academy (VSA) we believe in a whole player approach. This consists of developing a player from a technical, physical, psychological and social point of view. We consider these aspects to be paramount in developing well rounded sportsmen/sportswomen. Below we break down why it is so important to consider each aspect when developing young athletes in sport.

Visionary Sports Academy Development Model
Technical Development


Technical aspects of performance refer mainly to the proficiency with which athletes can execute fundamental skills required by their specialist sport. 


This above statement identifies the importance of being technically efficient when playing sport, as it is the individual’s technique that allows them to carry out the essential skills in their chosen sport.

VSA place a great emphasis on progressing technical ability in all their sessions, as we prepare every player to be confident in their capability to carry out necessary/ advanced skills in a competitive/ game environment.



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